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Geo Targeting service

Activate your targeted digital campaign now to promote your presence at 31.BI-MU

BI-MU is just a few months away. While you’re waiting for the October event…

Would you like to promote your BI-MU presence and to present your brand to potential new clients?

Would you like to make contact with visitors and operators taking part in trade fairs and events in your sector scheduled for the months in the run-up to BI-MU, in Italy and abroad?

Now you can, thanks to the innovative service offered by the BI-MU secretary’s office, in partnership with Fiera Milano Media.

Geo Targeting is linked to the actual participation of operators at real events, wherever they take place, and uses the geolocation function any smartphone is equipped with. 


Choose an event of interest to promote your BI-MU presence, in Italy and/or abroad. Let us know. It might be a convention, a fair, an exhibition/convention, a workshop, etc., as long as it’s clear where and when it takes place.

We find the contacts of the operators present at the event you indicated. As long as they have their mobile switched on and connected to internet or with the gps function active, we’ll be able to pick them up automatically. From these operators, we’ll obtain the ID codes of their phones and tablets, not their personal data. In other words, in compliance with data protection regulations, we won’t be able to obtain operators’ names or e-mail addresses, but we will be able to identify the ID of their mobile device, which is essential so your promotional campaign can later reach it.

Your advertising will reach the operators we’ve “picked up”. The company banner, with a link to your website, will appear directly on their phone or tablet while they’re using internet. Your banner will be visible on the most popular and widely used websites and apps.


The Geo Targeting campaign costs €400 - €600 per event. It’s up to you how much to invest. Bear in mind that the bigger the investment, the more devices your advertising will reach. The banner campaign lasts two weeks, and may be activated for the period you choose, after the event.

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