Applications to exhibit at 32.BI-MU off to a good start

Press Release 17.12.2019.

Already 466 companies have sent their applications to exhibit at 32.BI-MU, the international exhibition of reference
in Italy for the machine tool sector, held at fieramilano Rho from Wednesday 14 to Saturday 17 October 2020. It will
document how the matching between manufacturing world and digital technologies is accompanying the
development of the industry, also according to the new principles of circular economy. To date, the number of
exhibiting companies has increased by 3.5% compared with the number achieved in December 2017 for the previous
edition of BI-MU.
Considering the total exhibitors, there are 194 foreign enterprises, representing 21countries. Even this figure has
grown by 10%, thus confirming the international propensity of this trade show, which will be able to attract the
attention of Italian and foreign operators, also thanks to its renewed technological index of products and its numerous
Another interesting figure regards the presence of new exhibitors, who are currently 7.5% of the total.
Even the exhibit surface area has increased: with 21,300 net square meter already booked, the partial exhibit
surface area is almost 10% larger than that booked in December 2017.
Not only metal forming and metal cutting machine tools, additive manufacturing, robots, automation, enabling
technologies, but also subcontracting and logistics: this is the heart of the new BI-MU that will present the world of
“Digital technologies for sustainable production”.
Alfredo Mariotti, General Manager of UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE stated: “A mirror of the changes and
transformations characterising the manufacturing industry, 32.BI-MU will show the best solutions related to “the
factory of the future”. Therefore, it will be an unmissable meeting for end users that, in Italy for the whole year 2020,
will be able to benefit from three different tax credits linked with the investments in production technologies,
software and R&D. Undoubtedly, the context is not as positive as that of the past edition of the biennial machine tool
But we, the organisers, aim to repeat the same satisfactory result of two years ago”.
“On the other hand, also thanks to these tools – added Alfredo Mariotti – according to the forecasts processed by the
Studies Dept. & Business Culture of UCIMU, in 2020, despite a further contraction, the Italian consumption of
machine tools should however remain on excellent levels, with values above 4.3 billion euro, all to the benefit of
those who will exhibit at BI-MU”.
booked for the event, 32.BI-MU will propose the best international products with regard to metal forming and metal
cutting machine tools, additive manufacturing, robots, automation, auxiliary and enabling technologies,
subcontracting, powertrain and fluid-power systems, mechatronics, surface finishing treatments, tools, components,
equipment and accessories, metrology and welding, IoT, Big Data, analytics, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing,
Augmented Reality and system integrators, vision systems, software, solutions for industrial material handling and
warehouse management.
After over 60 years of exhibition evolution keeping up with the technological transformation of the sector, today BIMU is more and more a meeting point between production systems and digital world.
After all, data management and interconnection of machines are crucial factors for a sustainable management of
production cycles in a factory, which translates to higher profitability, smart use of resources and enhancement of
safety systems, according to the approach of circular economy that will be among the hot topics of 32.BI-MU.
Energy streamlining of machines, optimization of production downtime, modular design in the designing phase,
predictive maintenance: these are only a few of the technological issues that will make their debut at 32.BI-MU,
together with integrated solutions for industrial material handling, warehouse management and storage of goods,
thus enriching the event with new contents.
For the edition number 32 of BI-MU, the organisers have worked on several new initiatives that will increase the
exhibitors’ and visitors’ appeal of BI-MU. Indeed, in this edition, the exhibition will include two new sectors, which
are inherently contiguous and complementary to that of machine tools: the logistics sector, occupying BI-MULogistics,
a special area developed in cooperation with INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA, and the sector of technical subcontracting and
services for the industry, hosted in the new SUB4TECH, an area promoted by CIS – Comitato Interassociativo
Subfornitura, (Interassociative Subcontracting Committee).
In addition, there will be FABBRICAFUTURA, the area of BI-MU that will be dedicated to host developers of software
and technologies for connectivity and for data management and safety; ROBOT PLANET, an innovation area
supported by SIRI (Italian Robotics and Automation Association) and focused on industrial and collaborative robots,
integrators and automation systems; BOX CONSULTING, a space reserved for consultants and integrators; BI-MU
STARTUPPER, an area dedicated to young innovators and new enterprises, involved in the development of products
and projects linked to the world of production systems and metalworking; BI-MU ADDITIVE, a space developed by
AITA-ASSOCIAZIONE ITALIANA TECNOLOGIE ADDITIVE (Italian Association of Additives Technologies) and intended as a
place where developers, manufacturers and customers of “machine tools of the third kind” can meet and exchange
views; FOCUS MECHATRONICS, the traditional area organised in cooperation with AIdAM (Italian Association of
Automation and Mechatronics) and IMVG (Italian Machine Vision Group) to host “smart solutions”, capable of
optimising machinery management and industrial processes; THE WORLD OF SURFACE FINISHING AND TREATMENTS,
a thematic area – sponsored by Anver (Italian Association of Industrial Coaters) – dedicated to the most qualified
offering of machines and systems for surface finishing and treatments.
Another great novelty of 32.BI-MU is BI-MUpiùDigital, a demonstration space promoted by Fondazione UCIMU in
cooperation with MindSphere World Italia and set up within one of the exhibition halls to show the potential of a
digital factory, by connecting several machines displayed at different stands, where it will be possible to observe their
operation and processing.
Following on from the success of the past edition, again in 2020, BI-MU will combine its exhibition with a thematic, indepth cultural analysis, developed through a programme of conferences on specific topics and through side events
that will host discussions with opinion leaders and presentations of technologies related to the sector. The
protagonists of the events, mainly addressed to visitors, will also be the Exhibitors, who can be involved on the stage
in special initiatives, insight opportunities focused on specific issues linked to the world of the manufacturing industry
and ad hoc meetings to encourage the sharing of know-how. This and much more will be the content performed
within the arena of BI-MUpiù and BI-MUpiùAdditive, which will offer the international public many more reasons to
take part in this biennial Exhibition.
In anticipation of 32.BI-MU, the organisers have planned a calendar of approaching events taking place in some of the
major industrial areas in Italy, which will partially anticipate the main technological issues analysed during BI-MUpiù in
the exhibition days. The first event, dedicated to the world of Additive, will be in Naples on 13 February, with “More
Additive. Design, make and test for Additive”. The second event, dedicated to the sector of the automotive, will be at
the headquarters of Dallara on 20 February, with “Focus Automotive: the evolution of the car between road and
The programme of approaching events and the information concerning participation and details of the exhibition
will soon be available on
Cinisello Balsamo, 17 December 2019
Claudia Mastrogiuseppe, External Relations and Press Office Manager, +390226255.299, +393482618701
Massimo Civello, External Relations and Press Office +390226255.266, +393487812176
Filippo Laonigro, Technical Press Office, +390226255.225,



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Venue: Conference arena BI-MUpiù fieramilano Rho
Hours: From 9:00 to 17:00
By: by 32.BI-MU and exhibiting companies

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