BI-MU Digital, the project and the interviews

BI-MU Digital will offer a broad vision of what will be the future of manufacturing on topics such as: artificial intelligence, digital twin, intelligent remote assistance systems or in presence. Protagonists of the area will be the main players in the world of software, ITC, sensors and, in general, technologies for connectivity, data management and security, capable of enabling the 4.0 transformation of the factory..


Renato De Marco, Presales Manager, VEDRAI
“…a dynamic, young company, established in 2020, VEDRAI specialises in Artificial-Intelligence solutions devised to support entrepreneurs and business managers in their decision-making processes.
Thanks to acquisitions, joint ventures and a considerable capital increase due to the entry of new and important investors, the group started a process of growth and internationalisation, with the aim of becoming a leader in the sector in Italy and in Europe. In our vision, in order to take the best paths of innovation and growth, it is necessary to know the internal data of a company, but most of all, to analyse the external context carefully. Indeed, we cannot rely only on the past for planning new business strategies, but on the contrary, it is essential to be forward-thinking. Therefore, our solutions – such as for example JamesTM and FrankTM, specific “Virtual Agents” – monitor millions of internal data, (economic, financial, production data etc.) and external variables, (geopolitical scenarios, stock market indexes, prices of raw materials, Google Trends, Social Sentiments, etc.) to be able to provide forecasts as accurately as possible for envisaging future scenarios.
We address multiple fields and, in particular, the SMEs of the manufacturing sector are one of the main targets of our activity. For this reason, we will take part in 33.BI-MU, feeling confident that we will be able to meet companies interested in our innovative solutions. Unlike what is occurring in the international context, where we can already speak of Industry 5.0, in Italy, many enterprises have not yet started their digitalisation process. However, today, the continuous changes in the market and the new work requirements make it necessary to take this step. Thus, VEDRAI intends to be a guide to orient companies towards the future, showing them all the advantages of these Artificial-Intelligence solutions and offering them a constant support in this evolutionary path


Massimo Gittani, Area manager, CIMsystem
“…for over twenty year, CIMsystem has been developing software solutions to support the enterprises in their technological development. Thanks to a constant growth path, today we are a multinational company, with branches in five countries in the world and over 80 employees. The manufacturing sector is one of our sectors of reference. Therefore, we will exhibit at 33.BI-MU, feeling confident that we will meet enterprises of this sector, interested in discovering our product offering. Our solutions cover all customers’ needs from A to Z and include management software for 3D printing, CAM for three-dimensional machining and CNC machines, integrated automation systems, innovative proposals for industrial processing and much more.
At the exhibition, we will mainly highlight two of our solutions that are highly innovative: RhinoNC – a complete software solution of integrated CAM/Rhinoceros CAD, fully developed by our company – and CamWorks – an integration of 3D CAM and SolidWorks, the most largely installed parametric design software worldwide.
BI-MU is an international showcase with excellent business opportunities and it will surely allow us to receive interesting commercial feedback from established and prospect customers. From the second half of 2021 until today, the tax incentives in force represented a strong driver for purchasing innovative solutions 4.0 in the machine tool field and, also owing to this, we expect a good outcome even in the next months. In this connection, the month of October will be a favourable period for the trade show and we are very optimistic about our participation. Moreover, the coincidence of 33.BI-MU with the Xylexpo Exhibition will offer numerous advantages to us, the exhibitors and we are sure that this synergy will enable us to achieve very positive results, in terms of visibility, promotion, contacts and meetings

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Venue: AREA BI-MUpiù Pad 13 – B23 - fieramilano Rho
Hours: 10.30

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