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Resistance welders and INVERTER AC, 50% OFF!
CEMSA – Hall: 11 – Stand: E10

CEMSA International has set up on its own range of resistance seam welders, the INVERTER AC innovative presence on board. Thanks to the electronic strictly developed for alternate current seam welding application, the energy saving exceed the 50% in some models if compared to the traditional single phase alternate current welders.

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New V-Force lithium-ion technology 
CROWN – Hall: 11 – Stand: E46

Crown has launched its own V-Force® branded solutions for customers seeking to improve forklift performance by using lithium-ion technology. Crown’s V-Force Energy Storage Systems (ESS) include batteries and chargers and are now available for Crown’s entire forklift truck portfolio.

For fleet managers, the ability to rely on one trusted supplier for both forklift trucks and battery technology is essential. To provide customers with a top-quality, single-source service dedicated to lithium-ion technology, Crown has now launched its own V-Force batteries and chargers.

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For your projects, choose the combo of SSA axis 
HIWIN – Hall: 11 Stand D24 / E25

HIWIN’s SSA axis series has been produced with the aim of creating a product that can be used by customers that are using traditional automation systems and would like to move to the world of linear motors. It’s a very precise product that combines linear motors with guideways with balls and can be widely used in different fields of applications, such as automation, electronics industry, packaging and semi conductor industry.

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Innovation zero point: APS 
OML – Hall: 9 – Stand: D29A

APS (Automatic Positioning System) belongs to the category of products called Zero Point and with its 3 clamping jaws represents an innovation in the specific sector.

The system is a universal connection between the machine tool, the clamping device and/or the workpiece.
APS uses compressed air (6 BAR-85 psi) for unlocking, it uses spring force for clamping with repeatability of less than 5 microns. No compressed air is required in the locked condition.

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One of the most powerful motorcycles in the world is electric 
OPEN MIND – Hall: 9 – Stand: D23

The first high-performance electric motorcycles of Energica Motor Company SpA were born in Modena, home of engines and supercars, created and engineered thanks to the know-how of CRP Technology (3D printing) and CRP Meccanica, a leading company in the field of machining CNC precision mechanics.

The high quality and constant technological renewal have allowed CRP companies to create cutting-edge solutions that have made Energica an incomparable example in the world, also becoming the sole manufacturer for the FIM Enel MotoE ™ World Cup.

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Green and Circular Economy with the Additive Manufacturing 
PRIMA ADDITIVE – Hall: 9 – Stand: C37A

Prima Industrie, with its Prima Additive division, offers 360° solutions and services for metal 3D printing thanks to its 40+ years background in the field of innovative laser technologies for material processing.

Additive Manufacturing allows the manufacturing of more sustainable objects (with optimized geometries and structures to reduce the number of parts and the use of materials while improving performance) and to repair or customize existing objects.

The spare parts and repair sectors allow for example to exploit additive manufacturing, extending the product life cycle and embracing the paradigm of the Circular Economy.

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The role of standardisation in the RECLAIM project 
RECLAIM – Hall: 11 – Stand: E34

Technical standardisation means defining “how to do things right” to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the socio-economic system and achieve the UN 2030 goals. Technical norms (standards) are tools to support innovation, business competitiveness, environmental protection and social responsibility with a view to sustainability.

In Italy the standards are made by UNI – Italian Standards Body (recognised by EU Reg. 1025/2012 and D.Lgs 223/2017. UNI participates in the work of the technical bodies of the international organisations CEN and ISO with a leading role in those that develop standards for strategic sectors for Made in Italy.

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