RobotHeart: the new exhibition space of 33.BI-MU

It is RobotHeart, the name chosen for the new, innovative exhibition project dedicated to the world of robotics and hosted within 33.BI-MU, the international biennial machine tool exhibition, taking place at fieramilano Rho from 12 to 15 October 2022.

Focused on industrial robotics, automation and related technologies, components, systems and artificial intelligence, the new exhibition space of BI-MU will have manufacturers, integrators, universities, exponents of the academic and research world, spin-offs and start-ups among its key players to represent the various aspects of a sector that is crucial for the competitiveness of the industrial system today.

Sponsored by SIRI, the Italian Robotics and Automation Association, RobotHeart is not “only” an exhibition space for matching the demand and supply of the sector, but it is also intended as a laboratory of ideas, a place for the creation of culture and knowledge, a point of reference for those who operate in this field.

The choice of the name, RobotHeart, and of the slogan, The Art of Smart Robotics – which will identify the whole communication activity – stresses the intention of the organisers to highlight the three main aspects of this new initiative: Robot, Heart, The Art.

The first aspect regards the proposal of products on show. The core of this new exhibition space will be the Robot –intended in its most extended sense, which encompasses all its forms and multiple applications and integrations. This new area will be addressed to all manufacturing sectors: machine tools, various mechanical fields, electronics, automotive, food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, logistics, packaging, biomedical and cosmetic products, all of them widely represented as business activities of visitors.

The second aspect concerns the deep significance of the robotics development, which is pivotal for the quality improvement of human life in all its spheres and thus in work environment. All the solutions and technologies on show are conceived to facilitate human work, relieving people from the most repetitive, tiring tasks and allowing them to carry out higher value-added activities. Robots are instruments at the service of human beings, who remain “central” in the production process, because they design, plan and use robots according to their needs. For this reason, in the name that identifies the area, the word “Robot” is matched with the term ”Heart” representing a human being in the best way.

The third reference is expressed by the slogan accompanying all the communication of the area: RobotHeart, The Art of Smart Robotics. Robotics is an articulated, complex discipline and so are its applications according to the requirements of users. Therefore, the production of this sector can be considered as a real art: “the Art of Smart Robotics” resulting from a successful synergy between robotic technology and artificial intelligence.

The graphic symbol, chosen in the colour shades related to the digital world and automation, turns the attention to the “letter O”, which represents the joints of mechanical arms, with pivot highlighting, as a symbol of the central position of man. The 4 extensions represent the various technologies, as well as the different players making up the sector.

To make the most of the presence of those who will decide to take part in the project, which will have great visibility within 33.BI-MU, there will also be a full concurrence with Xylexpo, the biennial international trade show of woodworking technologies and components for the furniture industry, set up in the halls opposite to those of BI-MU at fieramilano Rho. Therefore, the exhibition area dedicated to robotics will be part of an extremely rewarding complex for the Exhibitors, who will participate in a single, big event dedicated to the manufacturing industry, capable of attracting over 100,000 visitors representing all major production sectors.

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Venue: AREA BI-MUpiù Pad 13 – B23 - fieramilano Rho
Hours: 10.30

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