The Innovation Areas

To further enrich the product offering of 31.BI-MU, there will be special Innovation Areas focused on specific sectors, on new technologies for the digitalisation and connectivity of industrial plants and on “new worlds”, all to be discovered.



Industrial digitalisation makes machines and factories smarter and smarter thanks to the interconnection of production lines. FABBRICAFUTURA is the area of BI-MU dedicated to host developers of software and technologies for interconnectivity and for data management and security, in order to make any productive step acquire a digital identity.


The data of Federation Robotics confirm that, by 2019, 2.6 million robots will enter the factories worldwide and 42 million service robots will be purchased for personal and domestic use. With ROBOT PLANET, an innovation area supported by SIRI and focused on industrial and collaborative robots, integrators and automation systems, once again BI-MU is confirmed as an exhibition mirroring the market. Also through conferences, laboratories, interactive talks, the trade show will be proposed as a place of interaction between technological innovation, scientific culture and industrial production.


To elaborate a common language shared by machine manufacturers and developers of technologies for connectivity and to facilitate the matching between demand and supply of Industry 4.0: this is the target of BOX CONSULTING, an area dedicated to consultants and integrators. Today, since consulting has become the “third pole” of the manufacturing industry, a fundamental interface between two sectors that are more and more interdependent, 31.BI-MU will present a space entirely centred on the services related to know-how, expertise and certification.


An area dedicated to young innovators and to new enterprises involved in the development of products and projects concerning the world of manufacturing systems and metal machining. It is an area created to transform BI-MU into a comparison field between established industrial models and new business views.


Area of ​​innovation dedicated to the industry of tools where manufacturers, agents, distributors can exhibit the best of their offer. For the exhibitors of this exhibition area, the organizers propose the special Formula All Inclusive “Tool Space”.


developed by AITA-Italian Association Of Additive Technologies, the Additive Technologies Club is intended as a meeting and discussion point for developers, manufacturers and customers of this emerging sector that finds an increasingly widespread integration also in the machine tool field.


FLUID POWER will show the best product ranges with regard to systems and components for mechanical and fluid-dynamic power transmission, a field that is complementary to that of machine tools, with which it also shares technological evolution and user sectors.


Organised in cooperation with AIdAM (Italian Association of Automation and Mechatronics) and IMVG (Italian Machine Vision Group), FOCUS MECHATRONICS has been created as a display area to host “smart solutions” capable of optimising the management of machines and industrial processes.


A thematic area, supported by ANVER-Industrial Coaters Italian Association, focused on the most qualified offering of machines and systems for surface finishing and treatment: washing, coating, galvanic treatment, chemical and electrochemical processes, metallization, nanotechnological treatments.


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