Great success for 31.BI-MU/SFORTEC INDUSTRY

Press Release 15.4.2019.

The last edition of BI-MU, held in October 2018, closed with the full satisfaction of exhibitors: this is highlighted by the
results of the Customer-Satisfaction questionnaires sent to the exhibiting companies by the organisers in the month of
December. The questionnaire response rate by the exhibitors was 40%.
BI-MU is the exhibition of reference for the machine tool, robot and automation sector, as no other is in Italy: the
participation of the enterprises perfectly mirrors the segmentation of the sector. Indeed, considering the number of
employees, a large part of the exhibiting companies at 31.BI-MU are SMEs, making up 63% of the total. Big-sized
enterprises are less numerous (26%); those with over 250 employees represent 11% of the total. All technologies are
well represented. The part covered by cutting machines is preeminent, but there is also a wide overview of metal
forming technologies, components, additive technologies, metrology, software and tooling.
BI-MU is “home” to the manufacturers of production systems and enabling technologies: 92% of the respondents
consider it as the most representative trade show of the sector, giving evaluations between “good” and “excellent”.
One third of the interviewees rated it as excellent, with regard to the exhibited technology and brands included in the
More than 80% of the exhibitors at 31.BI-MU said that they were satisfied with the exhibition; a half of the
exhibitors gave a very positive evaluation. One third of the respondents considered this edition better than the
previous one (2016).
With regard to the rating of technical services concerning the exhibition centre of fieramilano Rho, 95% of the
interviewees gave a positive opinion. Logistic services and accessibility to the fairground, in particular shuttle service
and efficiency of transport means were acknowledged by the operators as BI-MU’s points of excellence. Actually,
the exhibition can be easily reached through the infrastructure system, which includes underground and station of
high-speed trains available near the Exhibition Centre, motorways and ring roads from all directions and an airport
system as in no other part of the country. As reported by the visitors, this allows to arrive quickly and have a whole
day at one’s disposal to visit the trade show. The relations with the staff of BI-MU were also rated as satisfactory:
almost 60% of the interviewees considered them good, whereas 40% of them said that they were excellent.
The communication and promotion activities carried out for the event were appreciated by 97% of the exhibitors.
One third of the respondents rated them as excellent. The special initiatives organised for 31.BI-MU were considered
positive and interesting by 60% of the exhibitors: BI-MUpiù – the arena that hosted over 60 speeches – , BIMUpiùAdditive – the arena for the Additive Manufacturing world – , BI-MU STARTUPPER – the area dedicated to the
start-up companies -, the ICE-UCIMU trade mission involving more than 250 foreign end users and the FCA-Alfa
Romeo event. Based on this feedback, many initiatives will be confirmed again for the next edition, on which the
organisers are already working.
The attendance of visitors was rated positively, both with regard to their number and to their quality. In particular,
89% of the exhibitors considered the presence of Italian visitors at the trade show between good and excellent; a
similar positive evaluation was given by 55% of the exhibitors with regard to foreign visitors.
Apart from the number of visitors, – a really positive outcome if we think that 65,000 visits were registered at the
turnstiles, thus strongly increased compared with the 2016 edition – it is nevertheless the quality of visitors to be
considered the strength of BI-MU: 86% of the exhibitors evaluated it between good and excellent.
The quality of visitors is related to their typology: visitors are considered interesting as they belong to user sectors and
have such a profile that they can influence purchasing decisions or directly define investments: 85% of the visitors are
involved in purchasing decisions.
Visitors attend BI-MU to make purchases: 60% of the exhibitors gave a positive opinion about the contacts
established at the trade show. The rating regarding the effectiveness of leads (potential sales contacts) collected at
BI-MU is even better, if they are considered with a view to the future: 75% of the exhibitors are satisfied with them;
17.5% of the interviewees think that they are excellent and 67% consider them good.
The closing data of the event, as well as the results derived from the exhibitors’ and visitors’ questionnaires, have
confirmed the success of the new project of BI-MU, which proposed many new additions and an updated, wider
technological index of products for the edition number 31. The choice to innovate, made by the organisers, was
appreciated by the operators of the sector. At 32.BI-MU they will experience an even more comprehensive
Besides the Innovation Areas presented during the last edition, such as FABBRICAFUTURA/FUTUREFACTORY, BOX
SUPERFICI/THE WORLD OF SURFACE FINISH, there will also be SFORTEC, which will change, at all respects, from a
technical subcontracting exhibition into a new area of BI-MU. In addition to these areas, there will be new ones, on
which the organisers are already working, in order to present them shortly.
However, the most significant change regarding the 2020 edition of the biennial machine tool exhibition is its
duration: 32.BI-MU will be concentrated in 4 days, starting on Wednesday and, as usual, closing on Saturday, which
has always been the day with the highest turnout of visitors.
The choice of the organisers to reduce the exhibition event to four days meets the requests expressed by the
exhibitors over the last years (over 87% of the questionnaire respondents of the last edition of BI-MU consider a 4-day
event as more appropriate). The exhibition will be concentrated as much as possible to allow a more efficient
organisation of their participation.
Therefore, 32.BI-MU will take place from Wednesday 14 to Saturday 17 October 2020.
Cinisello Balsamo, 15 April 2019
Claudia Mastrogiuseppe, External Relations and Press Office Manager, +390226255.299, +393482618701
Massimo Civello, External Relations and Press Office +390226255.266, +393487812176

15 Apr_Great success for 31.BI-MU. Organisation of 2020 edition about to start

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Venue: Conference arena BI-MUpiù fieramilano Rho
Hours: From 9:00 to 17:00
By: by 32.BI-MU and exhibiting companies

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