SINTA | The age of human-robot collaboration

SINTA – Hall: 13 – Stand: B07

Sinta always has innovative solutions at the top of the performance: therefore, in addition to IAI and EPSON brands in the field of linear systems and SCARA and 6-axis robotics, proposes now Techman brand for collaborative robots.

Techman robots are really smart, simple and safe. Thanks to the powerful integrated vision system and the TM flowTM software, they easily realize the most different applications in the automation world, learning work positions simply through your hand With TM user interface, using robots become intuitive and easy as a smartphone.

The vision system is managed by the TM flowTM software, in which several functions are already integrated, such as recognition and orientation algorithms of the objects, barcode identification, color differentiation and image filtering methods.

In just 5 minutes, it is possible to create simple applications in combination with TMRobot manual teaching and the built-in intelligent vision system: you don’t even need to have an extensive programming background.

TM cobots meet the ISO 10218 safety requirements in design, hardware, software and operation.

There are 3 different cobots TM5, TM12 and TM14

TM5-700 / 900, with payload of 6 / 4KG, a maximum range of 700 / 900mm, a repeatability of +/- o.o5mm and reaches a maximum speed of 1.1 / 1.4 m / sec . I, robot is IP54 and weighs 22.1 / 22.6 Kg;

TM12 / 12M, with a payload of 12KG, a maximum range of 1300mm, a repeatability of +/- o.o1mm and reaches a maximum speed of 1.3m / sec. I, robot is IP54 and weighs 33.3 kg;

TM14 / 14M, with a payload of 14KG, a maximum range of 1100mm, a repeatability of +/- o.o1mm and reaches a maximum speed of 1.1 m / sec. I, robot is IP54 and weighs 32.6 Kg

Techman has created really  safe robots to lead the manufacturing enterprise into the age of human-robot collaboration

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Venue: Grand Visconti Palace. Viale Isonzo 14 Milan
Hours: two days of event
By: Business International
Venue: MiCo Milano Convention Center
Hours: 8.30
By: CNA Nazionale, sponsored by 32.BI-MU and UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE

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