Interview with Sandro Santamaria

“ …RobotHeart will be able to affirm the key role of Italian integrators… ”


Roboteco will take part in RobotHeart, the new exhibition area dedicated to the world of robotics at 33.BI-MU, scheduled to take place in October 2022. What motivated you to participate in this initiative?

First of all, we decided to participate due to the prestige of the initiative, in which the major institutions of our sector are taking part in various ways: UCIMU, the Italian machine tools, robots and automation systems manufacturers’ association, organising Robotheart by a company of its Group; SIRI, the Italian Robotics and Automation Association, sponsoring the initiative, and I-RIM, the Italian Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines, which represents the academic world and will enrich the event with opportunities of in-depth analysis and exchange of views.
On paper, RobotHeart is the initiative that has never been organised before in the Italian scenario of trade fairs. The participation and interest shown by many companies like ours is a testimony to the value of this project, which Roboteco has supported since its early stages.
Moreover, we joined the initiative, because, we could not miss this occasion. Both for the commercial aspect, because we expect great business opportunities from our participation, and for the institutional aspect, because I am directly involved in the Board of SIRI and IFR (International Federation of Robotics), which warmly welcomed the creation of this project.


Thus, what do you expect from this project?

We expect that – if well organised and managed – RobotHeart may become the occasion and the instrument to illustrate the complex world of robotics and confirm the key role of Italian integrators.
There is an extensive know-how in this segment represented by Italian companies, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, which are able to give the maximum value to the functions and potential of robots and automation systems by offering highly customised products. We must make the most of this competitive advantage!
If we succeed in this operation, we will have achieved the real goal of this project, namely to make RobotHeart a meeting point for international operators that already take part in other events dedicated to robotics, but have never found such a comprehensive offer of manufacturers and integrators available in the same venue. This will be the key, or one of the keys, by which we will be able to position RH at the top of the wishing list of events to visit.


How will you present your company at RobotHeart? Do you already have an idea of the space, technologies and applications that you will exhibit at the tradeshow?

We will exhibit both as manufacturers and as integrators of ourselves.
As sole distributors of Panasonic for over 30 years, we will show the best Japanese robotics products, adding the best integration made in Italy with Roboteco brand. Operators will find the best applications of arc welding, a segment in which now the market recognises our undisputed leadership.


Among the fields of application, what are the most interesting innovations concerning the world of Roboteco Italargon?

First of all, we should stress that all our applications are linked to the metal field. In this framework, the sectors that mostly motivate us to work on the constant improvement of our standards are the automotive, the HORECA equipment sector and high-end interior design. Recently, the sector of electrical or sustainable mobility also requires an extensive and rapid effort of innovation development to ensure efficient joint processes on light alloys, such as aluminium, a material that responds in a different way compared with more traditional materials.


Robots stealing human jobs is one of the topics that are mostly debated by industry and society stakeholders. Is this vision still deep-rooted or are things changing, in your opinion?

Unfortunately, there is still a large number of people who are convinced that the use of robots causes a loss of workplaces and thus their growth must be slowed down. In reality, the data highlight that a rise in the number of robots installed within factories implies increased employment. The crucial point is that in several fields, the use of robots and automation systems is the only possible choice, as in the case of welding. It is well known now that the fumes and optical radiations generated by these processes are carcinogenic and thus robots are the solution capable of ensuring safety and preserving health. Needless to recall that robots and automation systems have to be programmed and controlled and thus human beings remain at the centre of the manufacturing process in a factory, only changing their role and consequently their tasks.


Artificial Intelligence is already currently used in many fields of the production world. Would you tell us how this technology is developing? Even in this case, will we be able to see something special at RobotHeart?

In the welding sector, artificial intelligence is starting to be used in the processes of quality control. The solutions made in Europe and made in Japan are equipped with highly advanced vision systems, allowing a quality monitoring of welding joints even online, thus remotely. This will also be experienced at RobotHeart.


Institutional event
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