SOFTEAM for BI-MUpiùDigital

Software house and ICT player involved in the project

SOFTEAM – Hall 11 – Stand F40

Softeam S.p.A creates ORQUESTRA IIOT DATA MANAGER, a data collection and analysis platform that interfaces with the field and conveys information to all company applications. Thanks to Orquestra, it is possible to communicate with machines and devices in the field, even if equipped with different technologies, and to standardize the information generated to offer a standard interface that collects data and information on the operation of the machines and the production process.
The specific version of Orquestra for machine and plant manufacturers (OEM) is particularly suitable for companies that want to offer their customers – quickly and at low cost – a data collection and analysis platform natively integrated with their machines, perfectly scalable and customizable according to the needs of each specific reality, thanks to the maximum simplification of the configuration phase.
The software allows the acquisition of the status of machines and generates specific alerts and alarms related to changes in the production process or to failures of the machine itself.
The data are easily accessible via web, from PCs, smartphones and tablets, but are also available and saved periodically locally.
In the development roadmap, Softeam will shortly launch SIEMENS MindSphere Connector, which allows the data collected in the field by Orquestra to be brought to the SIEMENS MindSphere platform and the adoption of all the services that the platform provides (Data Analytics, Machine Learning, etc … ). Thanks to this connector, even users of non-production SIEMENS field technology can enjoy the advantages offered by MindSphere ecosystem.



Venue: AREA BI-MUpiù Pad 13 – B23 - fieramilano Rho
Hours: 10.30

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