Interview with Maurizio Ravelli
Tiesse Robot

“ …At RobotHeart robotics and automation for all application sectors… ”

Maurizio Ravelli President Tiesse Robot

TIESSE ROBOT will participate in RobotHeart, the new exhibition area dedicated to the world of robotics at 33.BI-MU, scheduled to take place in October 2022. What convinced you to take part in this initiative?

Although there are numerous trade fairs that also host robotic and automation solutions, actually so far, there has not yet been a real event in Italy, which was expressly focused on the whole world of robotics.
We understood immediately that this new proposal, included within 33.BI-MU, could mirror the needs for visibility of our company, because BI-MU is a leading tradeshow of utmost appeal for the operators of all manufacturing sectors and because it is held in Milan, which is certainly the ideal hub to attract foreign visitors as well.


How will you present your company? Do you already have an idea of the space, technologies and applications that you will exhibit at the tradeshow?

We will show two or three robotic applications regarding fields where we are leaders. Surely, there will be robotised welding, the first specialisation of TIESSE ROBOT when our enterprise was created in the 80s, also because it is highly demanded in the market. As integrators of Kawasaki, as a European preview at RobotHeart, we will feature the novelties that will be then presented in Japan in spring 2022. Moreover, at our stand, we will exhibit two and three-dimensional vision systems and a proposal of collaborative and semi-collaborative robots.


Collaborative robots are among the technologies that mostly impact work. Would you like to give us some comments about how work is changing within manufacturing factories.

Surely, collaborative robots are among the technologies that mostly contribute to transforming work. But they are certainly not the only ones. Besides cobots, for example, there are also semi-collaborative robots, medium-sized industrial robots having a protective, pressure-sensitive electronic skin capable of sensor-monitoring interferences with operators. By means of laser scanners and certified safety cards, they can also adjust work intensity and speed, if needed. However, this is a niche of robotics, which only covers about 5% of the market, with projected increase to 8-10%.


Among the fields of application, what are the most interesting innovations regarding TIESSE ROBOT?

As said before, TIESSE ROBOT was established as a developer of solutions concerning robotised welding. Nevertheless, we work a lot in the field of applications related to foundry, for machine-tool-tending and, recently, for the medical sector.


A last remark on the trend of the sector. How was the year 2021 and how will the year 2022 be for your company?

The year 2021 was really amazing. The year 2022 may still hold good surprises, but much will depend on the development of the problem regarding price increases of raw materials and delayed delivery times for electrical and electronic components. In conclusion, we hope that the results of 2021 will not be a burst of flame, but a continuous-combustion engine. And in all this, RobotHeart at BI-MU will certainly be able to give a significant boost to new investments in automation.


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