The Exhibitors’ Opinion

The voice of several operators, who chose 32.BI-MU to exhibit and show the public their novelties in the field of machine tools, robots, automation, digital manufacturing, auxiliary and enabling technologies.


Alice Bellelli – MODULA
Marketing Manager

 “…Considering the good number of contacts established in 2018, we decided to exhibit at BI-MU again in 2020, with our last creation: “Modula Slim”, an automatic storage system revolutionising the storage standards and enabling to store up to 100 square meters of material in only 3 sq. m of surface area and 1.6 sq. m of depth for a maximum weight of 25,000 kg. With such compactness, “Modula Slim” is an ideal solution, both for the industry world and for that of trade and services. At 32.BI-MU it will be possible to see it first-hand in its complete functions spotlighted in the BI-MU LOGISTICS area…” 


CMO-Chief Marketing Officer

“…Satech Safety Technology was established in Italy 20 years ago, as the first manufacturer of a product that had been handcrafted until then: perimeter protections. Our growth has been steady year after year, achieving the record turnover of 32 million euro in 2019. Our entry into the market revolutionised the safety standards of machines and production lines. Safety in the workplace is our core business. Today, as the market-leading enterprise, we keep on designing new solutions, while working side by side with our customers and making factories safer and thus more productive. We have not taken part in BI-MU for ten years, but for our anniversary we wanted to offer ourselves a great gift! …”


Country Manager Italia

 “…The collaborative robots of Universal Robots are used to flexibly automatise production applications for all industrial sectors. The year 2019 confirmed a growing interest of Italian and international companies in collaborative robotics: a solution capable of changing production, making it more efficient and stable and improving its quality. At BI-MU we will show some examples of applications and our complete range of cobots, among which UR16e, a high-payload cobot, offering particularly high performances in the automation of mechanical and metallurgic processing…” 


Barbara Colombo – FICEP 
Vice President

“…BI-MU has always been a reference point for us to create contacts with our customers. On the occasion of 32.BI-MU, we have decided to allow room and visibility to our products in the fields of forging and metal structural construction. In particular, the first novelty we will showcase is a sawing machine with a cutting system combined with a robot for forging applications. The second novelty will be a mechanical press, which will represent an innovation in the stamping field. It is indeed a machine with specific and very innovative technological contents. It will be presented at the exhibition thanks to a layout based on 3D models and videos, which will offer a preview of the product, with the aim of illustrating the plant and movement characteristics of this new particular machine. At the trade show, we will also feature our latest novelties for the sector of metal structural construction…”


Marco Franceschelli – TECNOLOGIE FRB 

“…Tecnologie Frb designs, builds and markets all over the world, since the early 1960s, tailstocks and drivers for turning, toothing and grinding. In addition, it collaborates with the technical offices of the most important Italian and foreign machine tool manufacturers, offering, in addition to our equipment, consultancy regarding the optimization of the work cycles in turning and grinding. The continuous investments in research and development of innovative technologies allow us to always be at the forefront in our field of activity and in this regard, on the occasion of the 32.BI-MU we will present the world-wide exclusive new models of face drivers…”


Martina Gardeni – SASSATELLI 
Marketing Manager 

 “…Sassatelli is a company specialising in the production of accessories for machine tools, such as live and dead centres, drivers and driving systems for pipes, knurling devices, thread cutting devices, diamond or CBN grinding wheel dressers. We are long-time exhibitors at BI-MU, because it is the most visited exhibition by the operators of the sector, characterised by a strong participation of Italian machine tool manufacturers. We will exhibit our complete product range and some examples of special devices studied and manufactured on customers’ request. We will be ready to exchange views and discover the new trends for the year 2020 in the sector of chip removal and grinding, our main points of reference…” 


Clarita Kuo – HIWIN 
Senior Marketing Manager

“…Since 2013 Hiwin decided to strongly focus on the Italian industry and therefore, taking part in BI-MU has become a must for us, as it is a strategic trade show to “attack” many production sectors, whose representatives usually visit the Italian biennial exhibition. Also for this reason, the Hiwin stand will be large and located in a central position and it will present the top of Motion & Control complete solutions in the field of high precision systems and components, including ball screws, linear guideways, linear motors, torque motors, mechatronic systems, robots, brushless motors, drives, etc. To sum up, we are offering “Total Solution”. Moreover, BI-MU will rely on the “Milan” factor, as we are based with our engineers and technicians in the Milan hinterland and we know well how strategic this city is in business dynamics…”


Giampaolo Morandi – IEMCA 
General Manager 

 “…Iemca is the Division of Bucci Automations that has been manufacturing bar feeders for almost sixty years. Our main focus has always been to imagine, design and manufacture the best bar feeders in the world, in order to allow our end users to optimise the performances of the lathes on which they invest, offering them products with a production life with no equal. Despite our two factories in Asia (in Taiwan and in China), we have always considered “Made in Italy” as our flag, to such an extent that we decided to sell in Europe only products manufactured in Italy, in the factory of Faenza. Again, this year we will show our latest innovations at BI-MU. A visit to our stand always allows to understand the uniqueness of our company…” 


Roberto Rivetti – RENISHAW  
Managing  Director

…Renishaw is a multinational company based in England. Our production is diversified and, in particular, our range includes process control products, calibration instruments, optical and linear encoders, medical devices and additive manufacturing systems. In the past editions of BI-MU, we always received positive and important feedback. We think that even in this year’s edition, we will be able to achieve great results. The exhibition will represent the first big event after the pause due to the health emergency. Starting again with 32.BI-MU will be a strong relaunch for our enterprise, also because, over the years, we have observed that the visitors of this trade show are very qualified, specialised and knowledgeable. In this year’s edition, we will feature our company’s best products, focused on reliability, speed and innovation…”


Giampaolo Roccatello – BIG KAISER EUROPE  
Chief Sales & Marketing Europe

“…Big Kaiser firmly believes in the leadership of BI-MU in the panorama of exhibitions: it is not surprising if in 2020 we will take part in this trade show for the third consecutive time and if we decided to make a considerable investment on 32.BI-MU, extending by 30% the exhibit surface area we had reserved in 2018. We are a multinational company with locations and distributors all over the world and we strongly focus on BI-MU, because, in a recent past, it was the Italian exhibition that brought us the best results. In this perspective, we will exhibit our best tooling ranges and will launch a new automatic boring head, manageable by remote machine control or mobile device, which visitors will see live for the first time in Italy! …”



Alessandro Senzapaura – CMZ ITALIA 
Commercial Director 

 “…Since Cmz inaugurated its subsidiary in Italy in 2012, we have always taken part in BI-MU, because we think that it is the exhibition in Italy that better mirrors the whole machine tool sector. For BI-MU 2020 we have also extended the surface area of our stand, where we will show a preview of our newest two-spindle TTL lathe, the latest creation by Cmz. We are sure that, in the next months, it will be talked about a lot in the world of CNC lathes…” 



Cristiano Uslenghi – TOTAL ITALIA   
Key Account Manager Mtw

“…In 2018, as an exclusive for 31.BI-MU, we presented Total Folia, our soluble fluid, conceived for metalworking. A bio-based product without mineral oils and emulsifiers, with high cooling and lubrication properties to use in a wide selection of chip-removal applications. The Folia technology was created to reduce downtime in machining processes, thus ensuring increased lifespan of tools, reduced operational costs and great advantages in environmental terms. Again, for this edition of the Italian biennial machine tool exhibition, even more involved in green-economy issues, Total Italia has beautiful surprises in store. To discover them we invite you to visit our stand at 32.BI-MU from 14 to 17 October 2020! …”


Levio Valetti – HEXAGON 
Marketing & Communications Manager 

 “…In 2019 the sector of metrology registered remarkable figures despite the difficulties of the manufacturing market. Hexagon is the leading enterprise in this sector and recorded the best outcome ever in the Italian market in the past year. On this basis, we will take part in 32.BI-MU, as we usually do, by exhibiting a large offering of measuring and control systems, which we will select from our wide range of products. We expect that BI-MU will contribute to achieving a result for 2020 at least equal to that of the year that has just ended…” 


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